An Amateur’s Guide To The Types Of Coffee Beans

Have you ever wondered where the name “coffee” came from? Would you like to know? Here’s your answer. The exact origins of the word “coffee” are unknown. Some sources claim that it was named after the kingdom of Kaffa in Ethiopia where the coffee plant originated or was discovered. While others think that the word “coffee” came from the Italian word “Caffe”.

But where did “Caffe” come from? It was derived from the Turkish pronunciation of the Arabic word “Qahwah”. So, there. That answers your question. Coffee is a drink that is brewed from coffee beans. That’s the formal definition but let’s move on to the real reason why we are here.

Most of you must be aware of the health benefits of coffee but do any of you know even a little bit about the types of bean used in creating your coffee? If your answer is no then let us educate you? If it is a yes then consider this a revision.


Majority of coffee beans used are Arabica. Want to know why Arabica is so popular as compared to the other two coffee beans on this list?

Here are the reasons.

  • Easy to prune.
  • Easy to harvest.

Both of which are possible due to its short stature.

The arabica has to be grown in favorable conditions otherwise it takes double effort to grow and manage the plant.

The caffeine content in Arabica is lower as compared to Robusta and hence it tastes better in comparison. The more amount of caffeine the bitter the taste. Another reason Arabica taste as great as it does is due to the high amount of lipid and sugar content.

We’ll take a brief look at some of the well-known varieties of Arabica.


It was planted on the island of Bourbon which is now known as Réunion. It is grown at the heights between 1100-200 meter. The quality of these beans is acceptable. It produces higher yield than Arabica’s lesser known variety Typica. Mayaguez is another variety of Arabica grown in Rwanda but it is a cultivar of Bourbon.

Bugishu: It’s grown in Uganda. This coffee bean type is better suited for dark roasting.

Columbian: After Brazil and Vietnam, Columbia is the third largest coffee producer in the world. Columbia produces some of the well-balanced coffee beans. Its aroma is one of the points that sets it apart from the other varieties.


  • Harar: Ever tasted red dry wine? Its taste is quite similar to that of Ethiopian Harar which is fruity. It’s named after the region Harar from Ethiopia.
  • Sidamo: It’s named after the region Sidamo from Ethiopia. It has a complex flavor of berries, cane sugar, and lemon. It is also known for its slightly woody and floral aroma.

Geisha: Another coffee bean that comes from Ethiopia, from the village of Geisha. This one is gained popularity when rest of the other varieties of coffee plants were taken out by the “leaf rust” disease. Due to which everyone had the chance of learning its taste which is never bitter and the honeysuckle and bergamot flavor is always strong.

Guadeloupe Bonifieur: It’s a rare variety of coffee plant grown in Guadeloupe. Due to its rarity, you’ll find it only at a few distributors. Its high quality and amazing taste are the reason it’s the most sought-after coffee bean.

Hawaiian Kona: It is considered to be one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Only the coffee from the Hawaiian district of Kona is known as Kona. It needs some set of favorable conditions to grow coffee.

Java: It comes from the Island of Java which is in Indonesia. There must have been times when you have referred to coffee as java or vice versa. This happened because there was a time when it was so popular that java came to be known as the slang term for coffee.

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