Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Most espresso machine buyers are seeking a machine that works well, provides many customizing choices and is comparatively simple to operate. If this describes you, the Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine should be at the top of your preferable list.

First off, you can make a great espresso drink with just one touch thanks to Café Affetto’s single-touch operation. Second, you can customize the grind size to get the ideal flavor and aroma from your beans because the coffee maker features both an espresso grinder as well as a conical blade grinder.

You don’t need to bother about purchasing a different container because the Café Affetto includes a built-in bean hopper. Third, you can personalize your drink preferences with the free SmartHQ app, which allows you to change the intensity and quantity of your coffee, Expresso, Lungo, Personal Drink, and Hot Water.’

Last but not least, the Café Affetto has WiFi connectivity, enabling automatic synchronization with the SmartHQ app to enable software updates and let you create and purchase customized cocktails. Let’s start the actual Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine Review without further delay!

Notable Features Of Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine At A Glance

  • Café Affetto is an automatic espresso machine that adds Built-in steam frother foam technology to create a variety of textures for espressos.
  • It has a Removable water reservoir and adjustable dispensing spout, which enables easy & hassle-free cleanup.
  • This is a stylish and compact espresso machine that has a 7 inches wide footprint to fit any modern kitchen top.
  • With the One-Touch brew feature, it in brews espresso less than 90 seconds at a single press of a button.
  • The Café Affetto espresso machine also has a Built-In Conical Burr Grinder & Adjustable Grind Size for the perfect beverages.
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Compare Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine With Espressione Concierge Full Auto Espresso Machine

Café Affetto Automatic Espresso MachineEspressione Concierge Full Auto Espresso Machine
Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine Review
Espressione Concierge Full Auto Espresso Machine
Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine provides up to 20 bars of high-rated pump pressure to ensure even extraction for a great-tasting cup.Espressione Concierge falls a little bit behind with the 15 bar pressure pump compared to the upper one.
It features 1.2 Liters or 40 ounces of water reservoir storage to ensure you can brew more at once.It also comes with an identical 1.2 Liters or 40.6 ounces of water reservoir capacity.
You can control your grind size with 5 levels ranging from coarsest to finest for ideal taste and aroma extraction.Espressione Concierge Full Auto Espresso Machine stays equal with a conical burr grinder incorporating 5 adjustment levels.
Café C7CEBBS3RD3 Espresso Machine includes a 6.5-ounce or 185-gram bean hopper capacity.This compact espresso machine from Espressione stays backward with a smaller 5.6 ounces or 160 grams bean canister.
In overall dimensional measurement, it is 16.1 x 7.1 x 12.48 inches, and it weighs 19 pounds.It measures about 15.0 x 7.0 x 12.0 inches in overall dimensions, but it weighs about 20.5 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine

In this section of Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine Review, I’ll elaborate on some user opinions about this machine. The product did not come with a power cord, a customer claimed in a review. She was in desperate need of coffee, so it was inconvenient to set up a new espresso machine.

But after contacting customer support, she received a replacement within 15 days and expressed her gratitude for their assistance. The machine’s difficult setup was mentioned by another reviewer. To set it up, he was forced to repeatedly read the instruction booklet.

He claimed that after using it for the very first time, he observed the manual’s directions but wasn’t able to receive his drink since he had overlooked a crucial instruction. However, when he called customer support, they proved to be extremely responsive and gave him advice on how to proceed rather than presenting him with yet another problem in configuring it.

Another client claimed that because he frequently ran out of milk, he bought this appliance to warm milk and make boiled water for himself. He was concerned that the appliance wouldn’t warm his milk without destroying its smoothness, but after buying it, he discovered that it works fantastically! He claims that it warms milk to a comfortable temperature that is slightly over the outer temperature.

Key Features Of Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine

Key Features Of Café Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine


The Café Affetto C7CEBAS3RD3 provides its consumers with a wealth of advantages, including exceptional convenience. For instance, the coffee maker has no controls other than your preferences entered through the SmartHQ app because it lacks any knobs or buttons.

Additionally, cafe Affetto has given us the freedom to alter every part of our espresso beverages, which is a major benefit for people who want a greater say over their brew.


The consumer was considered when designing this coffee machine. You can feel comfortable leaving the machine out on your countertop even when you’re not brewing coffee thanks to its attractive design. The built-in bean crusher & feeder on the Café Affetto Automated Espresso Maker is a boon for people who don’t want to fuss with any extra equipment.

Removable Water Reservoir

On the machine’s front face is the detachable water tank. You can fill up the water tank without even taking the appliance out from under your cabinets because the lid of the reservoirs has a grip built into it. A backlit LCD that displays the time and lets you select different brewing settings is also included on the metal coffee maker, which is always a plus.

FAQ About Café Affetto C7CEBBS3RD3 Automatic Espresso Machine

Does Café Affetto allow you to determine the temperature of the water?

When connected to the SmartHQ app, you can change the temperature to your preferred setting.

What is the tallest cup it can take?

If you remove the tray, the tallest cup you can use is 7 inches. Leaving the tray in place, it is 5 inches.

Does this come with a printed manual?

Yes, they do include an owner’s manual with it. If the manual is accidentally thrown away or comes up missing, it is available to view or download from their official site.

Is the power button supposed to flash when it’s off?

If your unit has been plugged in, the light will flash until you start a brew cycle. Unplug the unit when not in use.

Does the americano use 1 or 2 shots of espresso?

The Americano is a coffee brew-sized drink. It is made by the addition of hot water poured over a single shot of espresso.

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Final Verdict

Some espresso makers resemble trial-size models, while others resemble a microwave in size. The Café Affetto Automated Espresso Maker is the ideal size and has the ideal proportion of features. It is the epitome of perfection.

It is a good option if you want a cafe espresso machine that provides complete control over your brew. To conclude Café Affetto automatic espresso machine review, if you enjoy lattes, cappuccinos & specialty drinks, this machine is for you.