Cold Brew Coffee Maker Reviews: Top 7 to Consider

For people who cannot live without coffee, the quest for that perfect cup of goodness goes on regardless of time or seasons. Nothing beats a day that ends with you relaxing in the lounge with a book to read and a cup of your favorite coffee. The rich blend, the intoxicating aroma, and sips of warm coffee can rejuvenate one’s soul and make them feel at peace. However, during summertime, your morning or evening hot coffee may make you feel a little uneasy. After all, hot coffee is not exactly the ideal beverage to enjoy in warm weather.

Summer time calls for cold brew coffee, a drink that would help you to beat the heat and enjoy the same euphoric feeling of sipping out of your favorite cup. To make the perfect cold coffee, you need a Cold brew coffee maker as this type of coffee cannot be prepared with a regular maker. As straightforward and inexpensive as the cold coffee process may be, it is important that you choose to go for a reputed brand because their products have been tried and tested for the best results. A coffee maker of this type will give you an excellent taste of coffee with less caffeine content, and that too within minutes.

Best 7 Cold Brew Coffee Maker Reviews

If you’re buying cold brew coffee makers for the first time in 2016, then choosing the right product may turn out to be a time-consuming affair. Sure, you may have read many reviews about cold coffee brew machines, but we have brought you a complete review of seven best cold brew coffee maker that will give you the best tasting cold coffee, every single time.

1. NISPIRA Luxury Ice

NISPIRA Luxury Ice

Looking for a budget cold brew coffee maker? The NISPIRA Luxury Ice Cold Brew Coffee machine is a great brewer that comes at an affordable price and produces quality cold coffee that matches up to many other expensive models. Its sleek body and elegant design are sure to catch your fancy, and no doubt it would make a wonderful addition to the kitchen room.

This Cold brew coffee maker offers more portability than wooden models because it is made of a Stainless Steel frame and a thin glass body. This glass is heat-resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about overheating whatsoever.

Can serve up to 8 people
Fantastic Stainless Steel body
Easy to assemble
High aesthetic value
No user manual inside the box
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The drip valve is precise and rarely requires any adjustments. Cleaning this model is also easy as it can be disassembled and reassembled quickly. Serve up to 5-8 people on a single batch and bring life to a party without having to go through the hassle of making Cold brew coffee manually. Don’t waste more time; get this cold coffee brew system from NISPIRA and just watch it work wonders!

2. DKINZ izac 700

DKINZ izac 700 Review

Cold brew coffee machines come in a variety of types and sizes that are meant for people with particular tastes. The DKINZ izac 700 Cold Coffee Maker (Black) is a model that belongs to the high end of the spectrum and offers some of the finest features that you’ll ever find in a cold brew coffee maker.

The ‘drip’ method is unique and offers efficient extraction and finer grind
Needle valve is made of Stainless steel and is completely rust and bacteria proof
Eastman TRITAN plastic is eco-friendly and BPA free
Aeropress coffee filters that this model uses are readily available and inexpensive
Price is a bit on the expensive side
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Apart from an attractive and robust body design, it provides a high-precision needle valve that brings out the best taste in coffee that you may have never imagined you would feel. Its stainless steel body offers protection against rust and the unique ‘Drip’ method of brewing your finer grind and the best coffee extraction.

The price of this model may make it out of reach for some people, but the advantages you get are unparalleled. This is undoubtedly one of the models in the market today, both in terms of visual aesthetics and performance.

3. OXO Good Grips

oxo Good Grips

Bring out the best flavor from your coffee, without any bitterness with the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee machine. This model uses advanced filtering methods to give you the best tasting coffee every single time. This brewer comes in five pieces that can be put together quickly and the brewing happens in the main tub suspended on an inbuilt stand.

User-friendly and cost-effective cold coffee brewer in a budget
Rainmaker system allows even distribution of water for best extraction of flavor
Produces delicious, smooth coffee concentrate that is low in acidic content
Lack of paper filter for holding coffee grounds can make cleaning a bit messy
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What sets this brewer apart from others in the market is the perforated lid, which the company calls ‘Rainmaker.’ This perforated lid evenly sprinkles water down onto coffee chamber that extracts optimal flavor.

There are measurement markings on the stopper combined with the silicone seal that keeps the coffee fresh inside the carafe. Considering there are many other expensive models available, this is one of the best cold brew coffee machines that you can buy if you’re a beginner in brewing. Go ahead and check out this outstanding model, which will not give you holes in your pocket.

4. Toddy Cold Coffee Maker

Toddy Cold Coffee Maker

Coming from the leading brands in cold brew coffee and tea making, the Toddy Cold Coffee machine is as good as a coffee machine ever gets. It gives a smooth, aromatic flavor by extracting all the bitter tasting acids, oils, and other composites that regular cold coffee brewers leave behind, giving you an exceptional coffee concentrate that stays fresh for as much as three weeks.

And get this, no electricity is required to run this machine. Yes! You heard it right. For best results, coarse ground coffee as there is a chance of the filter getting clogged while draining.

Brews coffee up to 67% less acidic content than regular hot brew methods
The glass carafe is finely designed and looks great as well
The two extra filters are a bonus that you get with this package
Filters are durable than many other rival brands
The handle feels kind of flimsy while holding
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Cleaning up this brewer is super easy, and you can use a simple tablespoon to scoop up the remains and then rinse the container to get rid of whatever is left over. The two extra filters come as a bonus and gives more value for money for the product. Don’t wait any further, go check out this cold brew coffee maker now!

5. Takeya Iced Coffee Maker

Takeya Iced Coffee Maker

This inexpensive model from Takeya offers an affordable solution to coffee making needs as it offers easy to use features. Unlike traditional hot coffee brewing processes that release undesirable oils and acids, which result in bitter flavor, the Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker extracts bitter oils and acidic content to make for smooth and delicious tasting cold coffee.

Once the coffee is brewed, the concentrate remains fresh, if stored in the airtight container for up to 14 days. It can be used for making both hot and cold coffee with no complications at all.

Inexpensive and serves basic purposes
Air tight lid locks in freshness and flavor
No-slip silicone handle offers firm grip
Environment-friendly because it is made of BPA free material
Only makes up to 4 servings
Design is nothing special
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This cold coffee making machine is ideal for coffee addicts who want the best quality cold coffee within a tight budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Takeya Iced Coffee machine and taste the difference between regular cold coffee and coffee made from this machine. We promise you that you will never be going back to the old methods of coffee making.

6. Yama Cold Brew Tower

Yama Cold Brew Tower For the Eccentric

This gorgeous looking cold coffee maker is indeed made for those who want the best-looking model that money can buy. This 29-inch coffee maker that looks like it has been brought straight out of a laboratory. It uses a fine distilling method by passing water drop by drop through coffee grounds that accumulate into the flask below by spiraling down the tubes.

Unique design that makes it look like a laboratory apparatus
Producer quality coffee with minimal acidic concentrate
Keeps the coffee concentrate fresh up to 7 days
Can be used to make tea as well
Very expensive price tag
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While the quality of coffee produced is undoubtedly top grade, this model can be extremely hard to clean because of its sophisticated body design and fragile construction. You can get this model for its “Wow!” factor and watch many heads turn its way.

This can be an excellent addition to your kitchen, provided that you are willing to take proper care of it. It is definitely one of the unique looking cold coffee brewers available that come with an extravagant price tag. How much does it cost? Well, we wouldn’t want to ruin the suspense; why don’t you check it out on your own?

7. Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1 is a simple looking coffee maker that works it charm, straight out of the box. This product has a slightly steeper learning curve than other coffee makers, so you have to familiarize yourself with the equipment and other removable parts before you jump into action. The compartments are made of either stainless steel, glass, or silicone and can hold up to 20 oz of coffee concentrate. Be sure to follow the instructions in the user manual carefully or you may end up damaging the glass, or even worse, break it.

Gorgeous design with transparent body
Slow drip feature makes coffee that tastes amazing with little to no acidic content
Coffee concentrate can be stored in the fridge for a long time
Glass is very thin and fragile
Drip rate can prove to be difficult to adjust
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It makes great tasting coffee with very little acid content because it uses a slow drip method that makes for one drip per second. Before ending in the carafe a, the ground coffee gets saturated by the drops of water making for a shorter steeping period. If you have some experience with coffee makers, then don’t wait any longer and get this model that is available at a modest price.

Cold Brew Coffee Benefits

Besides being a great summertime beverage, cold brew coffee is a healthier alternative to hot coffee that people drink regularly. Cold-brewed coffee is produced through excellent distilling methods that remove harmful acid content and oils. According to a research, cold brew coffee contains about one-third level of acidic oils that is found in hot coffee.

Since our body functions better in an alkaline state, cold coffee serves as an ideal beverage to maintain good health. If the acidic content doesn’t matter much to you, the taste certainly will. Cold brew coffee tastes better than regular coffee because the bitterness from oils and acid get removed in the process. This staple morning beverage for millions of people around the world tastes best when prepared cold.

My Final Thought

Now that you’re reasonably educated about Cold coffee makers, pick the one that best suits your preference and budget for the ultimate cold coffee experience. Making cold brew coffee is usually inexpensive in terms of affordable cold brew coffee maker equipment, and you can buy almost everything you need from the stores like Amazon. Coffee making is an art that fans keep improving over time; if you’re a beginner in cold brewing, then the brewers mentioned above should be just what you need to venture forth into this new world of delicate taste.

Rest assured, you’ll get to learn plenty of other things as you keep experimenting with various kinds of coffee and coffee making methods. For now, go ahead and check out the seven models mentioned here and buy one that best suits your preferences. An excellent purchase will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made the right choice and let you relax with that perfect cup on a warm summer evening.

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