Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1 Review

Every Coffee bean has a distinct flavor depending on where it is grown. Cold brewing, which is increasingly becoming popular in the coffee lovers world, is the easiest and best way that helps bring out the most complete and amazing taste of your best roast.

Cold brewing (the slow cold-drip process), filters cold water without the use of electricity or heat, through ground coffee. This brews strong, undeniably delicious and smooth coffee. The coffee produced is also more acidic than that made with hot water.

Simple and clear instructions of the user’s manual.
Transparent and entertaining hence you can watch the brew cycle from the time it starts to when it finishes.
It is one of the slow drip for cold brews designed for use by even a novice or 5 year old.
You can keep the coffee concentrate in the fridge for a couple of days.
The glass it thin thus making it very fragile
It is very hands on compared to other coffee makers due to its steeper learning curve.
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Do you want to buy a maker for making cold brew coffee? Well, it is quite a simple task. Although there are few of these makers in the market, the ones available are relatively similar in features, functionality, and price. This leaves you with a limited list to choose from, the more reasons the exquisite Cold Bruer is worth giving a trial.

The Cold Bruer presents itself as a simple and transparent way to make cold brew coffee at the home, office, or just anywhere. Through the slow drip brewing, it makes up to 200 ounces of rich and flavorful coffee for less than 4 hours. This unique method reveals the natural sweetness in coffee while producing a smooth and less acidic cup of hot or cold coffee.

The design of this beautiful Cold Bruer brewer is made from high-quality materials such as the food Grade Silicone, Borosilicate and stainless steel. It also includes 100 paper filters and a reusable stainless steel mesh filter. Additionally, the slow drip Bruel coffee maker is a hand wash only that measures 5″ l x 5″ w x 10″ h.

Features and Benefits of Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

  • This maker comes in 3 great colors- Grey, Red, and Blue. With these colors, you can choose the one that blends well with your kitchen countertops.
  • The Cold Bruer can make up to 20 ounces of cold brew within a time period of 4 hours. The coffee made is smooth and slightly sweet
  • Durable since it is made from high-quality food-grade Silicone, Borosilicate, and stainless steel.
  • The cold Bruer allows you to set it up and then let brew without risking over-extraction. This allows you to start brewing before you go to sleep or early in the morning before you go to work.
  • Has an adjustable valve that allows you to set your desired drip-rate. This helps you to make yourself the best coffee
  • The Bruer includes 100 paper filters that are of the same size and type as those used in Aeropress.

Users View About Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

Users were very pleased with this appliance due to its easy and visually appealing process of cleaning. The Cold Bruer contains 3 levels: the coffee collection (glass carafe) unit, the coffee grounds as well as the water chamber. The brew cycle starts at the water chamber, where water gradually drips into the water unit, where it then moves into the coffee unit, it is at this point where water slowly saturates your coffee grounds.

After the process is over, the coffee then continues through to the last chamber which is the coffee carafe. The design of this eye catching Cold Bruer s made from high quality materials such as the food Grade Silicone, Borosilicate and stainless steel that make this maker durable.

My Experience with Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

I enjoy taking the cold brew for a couple of reasons. First, the coffee is smooth, almost sweet, and less acidic thus giving it a subtle taste and aroma. The other reason for is its health benefits. Personally, I cannot drink the regular stuff anymore and since I turned to drink the cold brew, I have not experienced any problem with my stomach. I don’t even present any of the symptoms associated with drip coffee. What is even great is that I can comfortably drink pressed cold coffee.

Should I Buy Cold Bruer?

The Bruer maker is ideal for all serious coffee fanatics. It best suited for anyone who enjoys the simple ritual of making the perfect coffee. If you one of those looking for the easiest way to make iced coffee, you would be better off producing it from a normal pot then put it in the fridge. But it would only mean that you don’t care much about the taste. Therefore, this would really boil down to the question; what do you value more? Is it the caffeine and convenience or the taste and ritual?

Comparison Between Yama Cold Coffee Brewer and Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

The Yama Cold brew system has a couple of similar features as the Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1. The two are made of fine quality glass which gives them an appealing design when placed on any table, they take less than 4 hours to brew and also allow you to refrigerate your coffee concentrate for up to 7 days. The Bruer has the capacity to produce up to 20 ounces of fine quality brew while the Yama System has a capacity of 32 ounces.

The beautiful Yama Cold Brew system that comes with all its recipients from the Yama glass is highly-priced than the Cold Bruer and it is for this reason that it is recommended for those with a more generous budget. If would still like to try cold brew, yet you are on a low budget, the Cold Bruer Drip coffee maker works just fine and produces a smooth, strong, and less acidic cup of coffee.

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My Final Thought

While the cold Bruer maker is beautiful to look at, it is not perfect. It is practical and comes at a reasonable price. This makes it easy for just anyone to obtain it. The Cold Bruer maker is still not common in most places, but when you are lucky enough to get a shop selling this slow drip brewer, make sure to buy it before someone else does.

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