DKINZ izac 700 Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review


What can brighten your morning better than the seductive aroma of freshly brewed coffee? A coffee maker that offers you the convenience and the anticipation of tasting your first delectable sip of your morning coffee is what you need. The coffee maker for this job is none other than DKINZ IZAC 700.

DKINZ IZAC 700 has a Stylish modern design that looks great in any modern kitchen
Consistent drip rate that allows you to avoid fussing with the valve during extraction
The coffee’s consistency is amazing. This is probably because it’s so easy to dial in extraction time
The pitcher is made from borosilicate glass so it’s strong and shatter resistant
The packaging is awesome.
Designed with precision in mind. The patented water chamber maintains constant drip rate without electricity
Users complained that the maker made their other coffee devices pale by comparison.
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This Cold Brew Coffee Maker is one of the top picks in our list and will ensure that you wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee every morning. What puts this maker over the top is its ease of use and the smart features not found in other high-end coffee makers.

Some of these unique features include the specialized balance water container that regulates the pressure on the valve, the inexpensive and readily available Aeropress coffee filters, and the rust-free stainless steel precision needle valve.

These features combined with the sleek aesthetic design altogether make the DKINZ izac 700 Coffee Maker more convenient and elegant when compared to its competitors.

DKINZ izac 700 Features and Benefits

For a coffee machine that costs well over $300, the IZAC has a rich feature set. Evidently, this coffee maker takes an approach in product design that focuses mainly on features that ensure a fantastic brew and eliminate all gimmicks. They include:

  • A drip method of cold-brewing that allows for a finer grind and a more efficient extraction. The izac 700 will unlock flavors in your coffee you never knew existed.
  • The patented ‘Balance Water Container’ regulates the pressure on the valve and provides a consistent flow of water so you don’t need to adjust the valve during a brew.
  • A stainless steel Precision needle valve that is completely rustproof and safe from bacterial contamination.
  • The izac maker is completely BPA free and eco-friendly.
  • Aeropress coffee filters are inexpensive and readily available.

Users View About DKINZ izac 700

Users who purchased this coffee maker were very impressed by the innovative design that easily blends in to match their office, home and kitchen décor. They also liked how the water level above the metering valve is self-regulated.

DKINZ izac 700 Review
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Another great aspect of this coffee maker that users liked is the fact that it does not need electricity to extract coffee. Instead, the DKINZ IZAC 700 drip coffee maker uses gravity. Aside from saving on energy costs, non-electric options give you more control over the strength and different coffee flavors in your recipe.

This maker was also preferred due to its simplicity in assembly and disassembly, making it very easy to clean and sterilize.

This high-end drip coffee maker is ideal for coffee fanatics and aficionados willing to invest more money on a drip coffee maker. The IZAC is a gorgeous and excellent machine that makes fantastic coffee and people who buy this are not likely to regret purchasing it. It is also ideal for making large batches of coffee.

Comparison Between DKINZ izac 700 and NISPIRA Luxury Ice

When the NISPIRA Luxury Ice Cold Brew Coffee Maker is compared to the DKINZ izac 700, the differences are quite significant. Although the later costs more than the former, it allows for a finer grind than the NISPIRA maker hence it is highly recommended for coffee enthusiasts who want more in a coffee maker than the basic coffee-making functionality.

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My Final Thoughts

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and want the best pot-making machine, I would highly recommend the DKINZ izac 700, coffee maker. It is certainly more expensive than some other cold brew drip coffee makers but with its beautiful modern design and engineering, it attracts a lot of attention.

This maker cannot disappoint when it comes to making great cold brew coffee. On the other hand, this product is quite a rare find and is therefore recommended for anyone out to impress. Quite simply if you want a coffee maker that screams quality and class for your office or home visitors, then this may be a unit that serves as a good conversation piece.

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