Health Benefits Of Coffee vs. Tea: Which One Is Better For You?

What is better tea or coffee? This debate goes on and on. Whether it is a family get together or social media, people don’t get enough of this and carry on bashing each other. Neither of them wins because let’s face it, both have their pros and cons. Tea and coffee both are necessary for giving a boost up in the morning. Before doing some careful work, a cup of desired beverage is an absolute must.

Maybe it’s a myth, but it does help in speeding up the work process. People like me are addicted to them, the whole can pass, but the mind will wake up only when there is a load full of coffee in the stomach. Meme culture has given it a boost too; both sides are taking trolling to the next level every day. Apart from all the jokes let’s have a brief overview of both sides.

Health Benefits Of Coffee vs. Tea: Which One Is Better For You?


Tea was discovered way before coffee and was used by priests and people to stay awake for a long time. They used it for meditation. Tea has always been related to the mindfulness and keeping people calm.


Researchers are being done to find the benefits of tea. To our surprise, tea has a high number of antioxidants. It helps in cleaning the harmful particles in our body. It decreases body pollution. We all know that both coffee and tea make us active because of the caffeine but a large amount of caffeine can be harmful too. Tea has a lesser amount of caffeine as compared to coffee.

It also reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes. According to the recent findings, the chances of heart attacks are reduced up to 20% whereas chances of strokes are reduced up to 35%.


Tea might have many benefits, but extra consumption can also lead to many problems.

One of the most common ones are the anxiety issues, due to the caffeine. It may also cause damage to your teeth. Tea is strong enough to decolor your teeth, resulting in stained teeth.

Increase in sugar level is also a problem. If you drink plain tea, you are on the safe side as it does not contain any sugar or calories. But if you like to add sugar, it might increase your sugar levels.


Coffee was invented years after tea was created but it became insanely popular after that. Especially in the countries that are cold most of the year because it helps in keeping bodies warm and active.


Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. According to the recent research conducted in Harvard University, drinking coffee daily can save your life. People who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily are less likely to die precipitately as compared to the ones who do not drink it. Coffee also helps in reducing the chances of getting diabetes. It also lowers the chances of getting liver cancer. People who drink coffee often are less likely to get this disease. To be exact, it reduces the chances by 50%.


As the amount of caffeine is way higher than tea. Higher consumption of coffee can give a heart disease. The rate of getting a heart attack is indeed increased. It also results in more top blood pressure issues. People who use coffee on a daily basis have higher chances of getting anxiety if no physical activity is involved in drinking it. It helps in staying awake and if it is added to the daily routine it can cause insomnia.

Putting the whole debate to an end, both coffee and tea are good for health, but they need to be consumed in a certain amount.

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