Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer – Thermal Carafe Review

If you want an innovative approach to brewing coffee at home, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer has the features to get you started. From personalized taste profiles to a unique design, the model is meant for adventurous coffee snobs.

The many unique features of the Brewer set it apart from the other coffee-centric brewer machines on our list.
No matter what flavor you want with your coffee, the Ninja Coffee maker has a setting to achieve it.
If you like to drink coffee gradually throughout the workday, the insulation technology built into the Coffee Bar Brewer allows you to keep every batch warm for up to 2 hours.
While the coffee brewer comes with many features, some could be considered gimmicks, and would not be well suited for most coffee drinkers.
Of the regular coffee brewers on our list, the Ninja Coffee Brewer is the most expensive, putting it out of the reach of some users.

What Makes the Maker Easy to Brew With?

Although it may be more complicated than the Bonavita and Zojirushi models, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is still extremely simple to use overall. If you want to be able to relax when your brewing different flavors of coffee in your home or workplace, this easy to use model will be right up your alley.

My Experience with the Coffee Machine

After just a while using the Coffee Brewer, I felt like my coffee taste profile was being expanded. Unlike other coffee makers that only brewed the coffee in the bag, this allowed you to create different taste profiles. For users who enjoy expanding their palate, this feature will be particularly attractive.

Who is the Coffee Brewer Meant For?

If you like approaching coffee brewing differently than your friends, the unique design and features of the Brewer has you covered. Since you can brew different coffee types and flavors for this machine, it is perfect for office environments where there is likely to be many different flavor preferences.

When comparing the Ninja Coffee maker to other machines on this list, you will immediately notice its unique features. If you want to brew lots of different types and flavors of coffee, this is the brewer you will want to invest in.

Features and Benefits of Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology

Do you like a variety of tastes with your coffee? If so, the thermal flavor extraction technology of the coffee Brewer has you covered. It allows to you to choose the flavor richness level of your coffee, with its “choose a brew” dial. You get access to the following brew flavor types due to this awesome feature: over ice, rich, classic, and specialty. Each one of these flavorful settings allows you to experience a brand new taste.

Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence

If you don’t have a ton of experience brewing coffee, knowing how much water to use for every brew type and size can be difficult. Thankfully, the Brewer’s Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence drive knows exactly the right amount of water to use depending on the type of brew, and size you are making. After you insert these numbers, the machine draws the exact amount of water from its internal reservoir.

43 Oz. Stainless Double-Wall Thermally Insulated Carafe

Have you had issues keeping the heat and flavor of your coffee in when using coffee brewer in the past? The 43 oz. stainless double-wall thermally insulated carafe gets rid of this issue, allowing you to trap the heat and flavor of every brew in for hours. In fact, you can keep any brew heated for up to 2 hours without a warming plate due to this amazing technology!

Multi-Serve Dial

Furthering your ability to brew with finesse, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer has a multi-serve dial feature. This dial allows you to choose the exact cup size and type, preventing spills, over brews, and more. Simply choose from cup, travel mug, half carafe, or carafe, and the Coffee Bar Brewer will do the rest.

Final Verdict

Brewing the same type of coffee day in and day out can be boring. If you want to revolutionize your taste profile, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer has the features to get you started.

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