Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

oxo Good Grips reviews

Have you tried cold brew coffee yet? If you have not, you should know that it has grown to be one of the hottest coffee trends and has been around for quite a while now. Cold brewing is nothing new; it originated from Japan hundreds of years ago and has since gained popularity all over the world. If you’re looking to try out cold brewing, then you have to get yourself a Cold Brew Coffee Maker.


Many consumers who bought the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker were very happy with the product and listed below are some of the things they appreciated about this coffee maker:

  • The Rainmaker means anyone can make cold brew since it ensures water is evenly distributed evenly over your coffee grounds.
  • The clear and simple instructions on how to operate can be used anywhere (camping, office, literally anywhere).
  • The price is great and use/cleanup is easy.
  • Great customer service


Even though some people were absolutely passionate in their endorsement, others found a few things that the manufacturers required to work on in order to improve the product

  • Can get clogged with fine grounds
  • Fragile glass carafe

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Looking for a great yet affordable Cold Brew Coffee Maker with high-end brewing capabilities? Well, look no more. Coffee lovers say that there’s no cold coffee brewer that beats the OXO Good Grips Maker. Users of this machine love the amazing pack of features it comes with such as the rainmaker diffuser, the brew tank, an ultra-fine stainless steel filter and some paper filters, a tank stand with Brew-release switch and a borosilicate glass carafe with airtight stopper. These features work in unison to brew a long lasting batch of highly delicious fruity flavored cold coffee that is naturally low in acidity. This rich feature set is available at an affordable ($$) price tag on Amazon is indeed quite a bargain.

Users View About OXO Good Grips Coffee Maker


Consumers who bought this coffee machine appreciated the automatic sensor on the maker that stops filtering the minute you remove the carafe to avoid unwanted messes. They were also pleased with the simple and clear instructions on the user’s manual on how to operate this maker. The feature that most consumers liked about the OXO cold coffee brewer was the measurement markings on the carafe that allow for one-step setup as well as the silicone stopper that keeps coffee fresh in the carafe, making storage easy.

The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker has proven to its users that it really makes great tasting cold pot of coffee that is delicious and with low acidity. Some stated that they normally don’t write reviews on products they purchase but since this machine does such a great job of what it is supposed to with its extra features, and the fact that it costs less than most of the other drip coffee makers, they had made an exception. In this case, most customers were more than happy to leave positive reviews and highly recommend this maker to anyone who needed one.

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Who Should Choose This Coffee Maker?

The OXO cold brew maker is ideal for who enjoy awesome features that add convenience and preference. Whether you are passionate about your daily cup or just an occasional drinker, you will love the flavor of cold brew coffee made from this maker.oxo Good Grips

Comparison Between OXO Good Grips and the DKINZ izac 700

When the OXO  Good Grips maker is compared to a high-end coffee maker such as the DKINZ izac 700, there aren’t that many differences despite the wide rift in their prices. Both coffee makers are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. However, the DKINZ maker is eco-friendly and uses a finer grind compared to the immersion systems found in the OXO coffee maker. Despite the better features in the DKINZ coffee maker, the lowly priced OXO still gives you good value for your money.

Features and Benefits of OXO Good Grips Maker

The OXO coffee maker has a rich set of features that are quite beneficial to consumers who are on a budget but still need some of the features and functionality provided by high-end coffee makers. These features and benefits of the OXO coffee maker are as outlined below:

  • A smart Easy-To-Access switch that starts or stops filtration process ensuring that your hands are clean at all times.
  • BPA free plastics coffee maker that brews a smooth and delicious low-acid concentrate.
  • The OXO coffee maker’s upper reservoir uses a rainmaker system which distributes water evenly over the grounds for a richer, stronger flavor that uses every pulverized bean and is never diluted
  • An automatic sensor on the maker that stops filtering the minute you remove the carafe to prevent unwanted messes.
  • A reusable easy to clean stainless steel filter and the additional paper filters that come separately.
  • Measurement markings on the carafe allow for one-step setup and a silicone stopper makes storage easy.

My Final Thoughts

Compared to some other coffee makers, the small size of the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes it ideal for situations where counter space is at a premium, or in kitchens with low-hanging cabinets. With a carafe full of coffee concentrate, your family and friends can enjoy roughly 12-14 beverages without worrying much about extra expenses.

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