10 Physical Effects of Caffeine That Impact on Our Activity

We ingest Caffeine through some drinks, foods, and even medications. In fact, most of the times it’s without our knowledge. Tea and coffee are the two beverages that have the highest amounts of caffeine. In addition, energy drinks and some seeds such as those of sunflower contain the substance. Caffeine is a stimulant that has its benefits and negative effects on human bodies.

As I write this piece, I have my empty cup of coffee on my desk. Being a frequent consumer of caffeinated coffee, I can testify that sometimes the drink is as satisfying as it is habit-forming. Nonetheless, I continue to use it as I have become quite dependent on its positive effects. Do not get me wrong, consuming caffeine is not a mistake, in fact, if it is consumed in controlled amounts it may be very useful to you during physical and mental activities. Individuals who seem to be dependent on caffeine may be students, manual laborers, as well as workaholics.

5 Positive Physical Effects of Caffeine on Our Activity

Boosts Energy

Caffeine - More than just energy

Once ingested, caffeine leads to the release of adrenaline, which in turn causes a person to be more active both physically and mentally. When consumed in moderate amounts, an individual may realize that his/her performance has improved.

Increased Concentration

Caffeine tend to improve the concentration level of a consumer. An individual may feel more alert after consuming caffeinated products. However, an important point to remember is the cliché, “too much of everything is poisonous.” A person should seek an advice from a medical practitioner on the appropriate amounts of caffeine to use in a day. Different people can ingest differing levels of caffeine, as their bodies’ nutrient requirement is not the same. More so, it’s critical to understand that if caffeine is ingested in high amounts, it may cause the loss of concentration.

Increased Excretion of Wastes from our Bodies

Because of the hormones released in the body as a result of caffeine, a consumer’s body tend to release excess water and salts. Moreover, caffeine tends to accelerate peristalsis, which assists in the transportation of food in the digestive system. Therefore, the use of this substance may in turn eliminate constipation. However, note that large amounts of caffeine in the body may cause diarrhea. Ever noticed that once you use a caffeinated drink or food you tend to use the washroom a little more often? Now you know, caffeine increases the body’s metabolism, hence increased urination or even sweating.

Protects Against Diseases

According to Dr. Donald D. Hensrud, research has indicated that caffeine may protect a consumer against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease, including liver cancer. However, it is important to remember that it is only possible if it is consumed in the appropriate amounts withholding other factors.

Reduced Number of Deaths

Because caffeine protects human beings from the above diseases, then this translates to a reduced mortality rate. Besides, these diseases are amongst those that are popular in causing a high number of deaths of people.

5 Negative Physical Effects of Caffeine on Our Activity

Higher Blood Pressure

Higher Blood Pressure

Caffeine causes the body to produce hormones that makes it hyper- active. In addition, this substance causes the heart to beat faster than usual. In turn, because of the increased beating of the heart, an individual may suffer from high blood pressure.

Increased Restlessness and Insomnia

When caffeine is ingested in large amounts or just before sleeping it may cause restlessness in a person. In addition, caffeine takes about six to seven hours to wear off, therefore, it is advisable to use it in the morning so that you are caffeine-free during bedtime. Have you ever taken any caffeinated product and felt a little on the edge? I think that you may have consumed more than you should. Therefore, it is crucial to seek further information on the appropriate times and amounts to consume it.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms

Once an individual’s body is used to caffeine intake on a daily basis, when he/she stops partaking it, he/she may suffer from some withdrawal effects. Caffeine, being a stimulant, can cause the body to be dependent on it to perform normally. Therefore, some individuals who have ceased from its use may experience headaches, nausea, and irritability.

Can cause Dizziness

It is advisable that if you are consuming caffeine for the first time, you should not handle heavy machinery, drive, or do anything that require your full attention. In some individuals, caffeine may cause them to be dizzy, hence, it may be dangerous if they were driving.

Frequent Urge to use Caffeine

Studies have indicated that caffeine may not have direct effects to a person, however, there are some habits to look out for to avoid addition. For instance, taking caffeinated products just before you sleep may not instantly cause insomnia. However, you may realize that once you wake up, you have a strong urge to take coffee or any other caffeinated product.

Therefore, this makes the body to be dependent on caffeine to feel energized. Some researchers state that caffeine is addictive, while others state that it is a substance that consumers find it pleasant to use. In any case, based on my experience, I regularly take caffeinated products because they taste delicious and they tend to elevate my moods. I have never experienced any withdrawal symptoms because of not consuming, which would mean that I use caffeine in its right amounts.

Individuals use caffeinated products with or without them knowing. However, most consumers of caffeine tend to be students, individuals working on multiple jobs, or those that do manual work. For most students, they abuse caffeine when working on their essays or assignment late at night. In order to avoid such behaviors, they can hire online essay help sites to avoid staying late at night. In fact, there are experienced and trusted writers who can help them in the internet.

The use of the substance has its benefits such as the consumers tend to be energized because of the hormones released, as well as their excretion rate increases.

Therefore, their bodies get rid of the excess wastes fast. On the contrary, the disadvantages are increased rate in heartbeat, which may cause hypertension, as well as an individual may be dependent on caffeine to perform normally.

If you are not in a position to visit an expert for advice on your caffeine requirements, you may take into consideration your energy requirements, digestion condition, and sleeping patterns. If you are consuming caffeine in the correct amounts then keep at it, and if not, it’s never too late to take a step back and do it the right way.

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