What Is The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker To Buy?

Whether you work from home or in a large office, a single cup coffee maker can give you the enough power you need through your day. A single cup coffee maker makes it easy and fast to prepare your favorite hot drinks. The single serve coffee makers come in different sizes and styles. Some have advanced options which give you greater control over the flavor of coffee and others come with an easy cleanup.

Popular models include the Cuisinart SS-700, Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, and Nespresso D222-US-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker. Choosing the right coffee maker may seem not crucial, but the right choice has many benefits for productivity.

The single cup coffee makers can offer a fresh cup of coffee any time of the day with no fuss. They have gained a good reputation in recent years for their convenience and consistency, even in hotels and cafes. These coffee makers are also an intelligent alternative to the automatic drip coffee makers in many cases.

The single cup coffee brewers make use of the coffee pods to brew a cup of coffee. The coffee lovers can find a perfect cup of coffee with the variety of beverages available in coffee pods such as hot chocolate, milk-based specialties, coffee, tea and many more. Moreover, coffee lovers can now save their money by brewing a cup of coffee at home rather than frequently heading to the local coffee shops.

What Makes a Single Cup Coffee Maker the Best

They have an adjustable Volume

The single cup coffee makers are ideal for busy office environments where many employees with individual mugs share the same coffee make. The sizes range from 4 to 18-ounce cups on many single cup coffee make machines.

Strength control

This is a crucial feature found in the single cup coffee makers. This machine comes in handy for those who prefer a lighter blend and the heavy drinkers to get the brew that exactly matches their personal tastes.

The machines offer a variety of brewing options

The single cup coffee makers come with an outstanding array of brewing options. Teas come in many different forms including pods and loose leaf, regular drinkers may also seek out a coffee make that can handle both rich coffee and subtle tea. The single cup coffee makers offer more than one brewing option thus they are very useful for businesses where the guests often visit and enjoy a cup of coffee alongside the employees or busy offices with many workers.

Crafting a perfect cup of coffee requires the right tool. The single serve coffee makers help take the guesswork out of brewing and give you basic mixing options to please everyone in the office or your home.

Top 3 Single Cup Coffee Makers

Here are the 2022 best single-cup coffee makers to keep your day awesome and jovial.

1. Cuisinart SS-700

You can’t do any better than Keurig when it comes to single cup coffee makers. The Cuisinart SS-700 Single Cup coffee maker is the best of the best. The machine is easy to use, and its size and temperature consistency from cup to cup makes it fantastic. According to some experts, this of coffee takes less than a minute to brew a single cup.

The machine has a self-cleaning feature that many of us are proud of, and it is also easy to fill. The Cuisinart SS-700 is also highly programmable so as to produce a perfect cup of coffee. The machine has a very attractive, sleek and a modern look in spite of its size. It comes in black and silver.

The machine also comes with a free reusable Keurig coffee filter to keep it clean, and the Hot Water’ button feature that dispenses a full cup of hot water; whichever size you have selected will be dispensed in hot water.

It is easy to use
Has a consistent temperature
Has a programmable water temperature
Has Durability Issues
The bottom drip does not stay in place very well

The machine has a large water reservoir of a maximum size of 12oz. One you’ve filled the tank with water, you are on your way to the first cup of coffee. You just have to turn the unit on and the machine siphons water from the machine. Using the arrow buttons, you can select the size of your mug, choose from between 4 and 12-ounce increments.

The Cuisinart SS-700 allows you to choose your size of the mug; however, the K-Cups only come into one size. This means that the 12-ounce size setting will be weaker due to the dilution of extra water and the 4-ounce size setting will deliver a concentrated flavor.

The SS-700 coffee maker is the best since it handles the K-Cups very well and it has the capability to make the best cup from the fresh grounds. If you are a coffee lover looking for a quick brew solution, this is the best pick. For those with a pure K-Cup loyalty looking for a new brewer, this is highly recommended.

2. Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

The K45 comes in four colors with silver gray trim: Coconut White, Patriot Blue, Rhubarb, and Black. The K45 Elite also has an optional power saving auto-off feature. If you set the machine, it turns itself off automatically after two hours. Even if you do not set it, you can enjoy that 5 a.m. cup of coffee about thirty seconds after pushing the brew button.

The K45’s water reservoir holds 48 ounces of water which is equivalent to 6 cups. This is enough to take you on weekday mornings without having to refill. The tank is positioned at the front of the machine so it easy to see when you are running low on water. The water reservoir is also removable. You just have to pop it out, fill it up in the sink and then snap it back into place.

Quiet Brew Technology
Produces fresh hot coffee in about a minute
All plastic parts are BPA free
Has a removable drip tray so medium height travel mugs can be used
Large cup sizes with more water produce weak coffee
Needs regular cleaning of exterior and internal parts to perform well

The machine comes with a charcoal filter system that comes with several filters. The K45 only have one filter and in case you need to use more, you have to purchase them. If your water has minerals, you will find that you do have to descale the single cup coffee maker periodically.

Talking of removing the drip dray, Keurig made this easy to make cleaning less of a chore. Apart from the filters, this is the only thing that actually needs cleaning with the K45 machine. The machine is also capable of producing a wide variety of hot and cold drinks of high quality in as little as 30 seconds when the power is turned on.

The Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System does exactly what it is supposed to do. Thus it can make an excellent tasting coffee of any kind you desire, including cold drinks, and hot chocolate. It is also very easy to operate and clean, and it is very economical with power. It is a reliable and versatile coffee maker that most of us can purchase with confidence.

4. Nespresso D111-US-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker

Nespresso Citiz is a single cup coffee maker that enables you to use the coffee pods to make a perfect morning cup of coffee. The Nespresso Citiz promises a lot with its stainless sleek steel styling. It is also relatively heavy due to the great metal used in construction. This adds to its durability as it is not likely to break down when knocked over.

The Nespresso Citiz coffee maker is very fast at heating up water as it takes around 25 seconds of preheating. It can clasp up to 10 capsules at once thus making the selection relatively easy. Its 34-ounce water tank is also adequate.

The machine is available in 3 different models; one that includes an integrated Aeroccino Milk Frother, a second one that’s is dedicated in only making espressos and a third that has a detached milk frother which plugs in and operates on its own. The detached one is highly recommended.

Easy insertion and ejection of capsules
The machine is rock solid
It is quick, consistent and easy to operate
The espresso is superb
Have durability issues
Pods and capsules will not be as fresh as freshly ground coffee beans

Nespresso Citiz is amongst the most dense Nespresso machines. It features a modern design and build and is available in 3 different colors. It only takes at most 30 seconds to make a cup of espresso and the milk frother is simple to use to make a cappuccino. After you pop in its espresso coffee pod and then press the start button, you just have to wait for a light to appear letting you know your coffee is ready.

Moreover, the machine offers a very simple operation. You don’t need to descale or perform a complex cleaning process. If you need to clean your device, ensure there’s water in the water reservoir and then press the start button. If you wish to prepare a cappuccino, the integrated milk frother is easy to get a hang of.

The machine is also very quiet. It is a centrifugal system, and you can definitely hear it spin while it brews. It is actually a cool sound. Nespresso Citiz has limited options with respects to built-in features and coffee options. It is dead-simple to use. Capsules dictates all brewing controls. While this single cup coffee maker can make many types of capsules, there aren’t as many options as you have in the Tassimo T-Discs and K-Cups. If you like milk foam with your beverages, don’t hesitate. Buy it, it’s is a must-have single cup coffee maker for strong coffee.

Advantages of Single Cup Coffee Makers


You do not have to wait for a full pot. All you have do is add your favorite coffee and water and within minutes, you will be drinking awesome coffee from your stainless steel mug.


The single cup coffee makers are so small that you can easily pack one in its original box and take it with you.


For most of us, single cup coffee makers brew directly into a travel mug or a cup thus making it a more suitable choice over the coffee makers that brew in a pot. If you are always behind time in the morning, it is super-easy to grab your cup, push the start button and then get out your door once your coffee is done.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a single cup coffee maker is easy. You just have to follow the easy directions in the manual, add a mixture of water and white vinegar and then run it through the brew cycle twice. Then run plain water a couple of times to get rid of any hint of taste or odor of the vinegar.

Fresh coffee

Most of us have drank coffee out of a pot that has been sitting around 30 minutes or longer. The best cup of coffee is the very first cup immediately after it is brewed. This means that one of the greatest advantages of single cup coffee makers is that every cup of coffee you take is fresh.

Drink less coffee

Many of us drink a lot of coffee when there is a full pot available. If you brew each individually, you will drink less. Drinking too much coffee may be a concern for some people.

Cost saving

Brewing a cup of coffee at a time denote that you will also be wasting less coffee and drinking less coffee. This saves you cash over brewing in full pots. In case you’re substituting a single cup coffee maker for purchasing one at a coffee cafe each morning, you will realize that you are making more saving.


If you’re a coffee adventure, making use of a single cup coffee brewers allows you to conduct experiment with the varying types of coffee flavors with ease. It is also easy to use diverse single serve pods or even mix different kinds of cups to come up with your invention. At times, you might find a perfect combination that gets you super-excited. With so many flavors available, the potential combinations of flavors are endless.

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