Yama Cold Brew Tower For the Eccentric Review

We all have those hot days when you feel the urgent urge to enjoy your favorite beverage, a cup of coffee. However, making the usual hot cup is out of the question.

Well, what you need is to buy a brewer that will make you quality and the best-iced coffee. Then what you need is none other than the Yama Cold drip-maker installed in the kitchen for better mornings and days.

Putting it together is easy since you don’t require any special tools or instructions to do so.
It produces fantastic cold brew for 8-ounce servings that is less acidic. Unlike your ordinary cold brew concentrate which will only work great when cut with equal portions of water or milk, the Yama maker naturally brews coffee the best strong coffee.
It makes undeniably delicious coffee without having to strip out some flavor through heating. The coffee is also less acidic with a less bitter taste than your ordinary cup of coffee.It is also free from the oily sludge.
This small model takes about 6 hours to finish the brewing process. But if you use smaller amounts of brew, it could probably take about 3 hours.
The instructions for adjusting the valve drip rate are not clear enough.
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The Yama cold drip maker is a lovely and radically distinctive coffee maker that enables you to use your favorite ground coffee in cold water to make a smooth cup of coffee of your preferred taste. Cold water is usually preferred to hot water when brewing coffee since it eliminates acids and unwanted oils. This coffee maker is also made using a high-quality glass that is heat resistant and looks great when displayed in a coffee shop or café.

Features and Benefits of the Yama Coffee Maker

  • The Yama coffee maker comes in 2 sizes, an eight-cup (32oz) and a twenty-five cup. The 25-five cup is large, bulky, and about 4 feet tall. It also comes with a large globe-shaped coffee receptacle.
  • This high-end glass and wood coffee maker come with a paper filter. These filters allow you to feel the flavor clarity when drinking your perfect cup of coffee.
  • The machine has a stunning design. Its tower is perfectly made and its glass implements fit nicely into the wooden tower. Therefore, this makes the setup look as though it belongs in a way-out kitchen.
  • With its cold water reservoir, water easily drips into a cylinder containing a ceramic filter that holds the ground coffee. The coffee is then let to drip out of the cylinder into a spiral glass tube where it is finally collected in the large glass globe.
  • This maker also enables you to brew both tea and coffee which you can refrigerate for up to 7 days.

User Experience with Cold Brew Coffee Drip Tower

Although the Yama drip-maker looks more like a laboratory apparatus, it is very easy to use. User mostly liked it because all they have to do is put cold water and ice in its top division, set up the valve to drip at a preferred rate, and finally pour their ground coffee into the middle division then they are good to go. Some connoisseurs experimented on at least 12 cold brewing contraptions and found that the Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower was one of the best cold brewers on their list.

My Experience with Yama Cold Coffee Brewer

I particularly like a brewer that takes less time to produce a cup of coffee. But for the Yama drip cold maker, I can bend this rule just to accommodate it. And why is this? Although it takes about 6 hours to complete its entire brew process, the aftermath of the long wait is worth praising. This machine produces about 32 ounces of smooth aromatic, coffee and better yet, the bitterness stays locked up in the grounds hence you get to enjoy coffee with low acidity.

Yama Cold Brew Tower For the Eccentric

The Yama cold brewer is ideal for connoisseurs and affluent people who are willing to invest on an expensive coffee maker.It is also the ideal coffee maker for anyone with large kitchen space. Since most coffee shops have large kitchen space, they can also use this cold brewer to brew the best coffee for their customers.

Comparison Between Yama Cold Brew System and Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1

Both the Yama Cold brew system and the Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker B1 have similar features. The two are made of high-quality glass which gives them an appealing design when placed on any kitchen countertops. Although the Cold Bruer takes less than 4 hours to brew while the Yama take between 3- 6 hours, they both make great coffee that can be refrigerated for up to 7 days. The Bruer has the capacity to produce up to 20 ounces of quality fine brew while the Yama System has a 32-ounce capacity.

The beautiful Yama Cold Brew system that comes with all its recipients from Yama Glass Manufacturers is pricier than the Cold Bruer, and it is for this reason that it is recommended for those with a more flexible budget. If would still like to try cold brew, yet you are on a low budget, the Cold Bruer Drip coffee maker works just fine and produces a smooth, strong, and less acidic cup of coffee.

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My Final Thoughts

If you want a large attention-grabbing coffee maker that screams out wealth, then the Yama cold brewer is perfect for you. Although it comes highly priced compared to other cold brewers[/easyazon_link] in the market, and its ease of use is not its strongest pillar (because you have to plan for your drinking hours ahead), it is still outstanding when it comes to making your delicious coffee.

This coffee maker is worth the investment for home use or even in a coffee shop. The Yama is simply formed over function and if the form is what you like, and you are not too finical about the function, this great appliance will work just as intended.

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